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The Inflatable Buddha Books

András Kepes’ bestselling novel, originally entitled Tövispuszta, was translated from the Hungarian by Bernard Adams in 2013 and renamed The Inflatable Buddha for the English speaking market.The book launch at the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London was such a success that a second event took place a few weeks later as well as a separate launch in Oxford, via the Hungarian Society.Armadillo Central Inflatable Buddha launch 1 Ken Drury by Sylvia Selzer Armadillo CentralBernard Adams Andras Kepes The Inflatable Buddha The Inflatable Buddha Armadillo Central

We were fortunate enough to have acclaimed actor Ken Drury read extracts at both London launches, the first of which was facilitated by Nick Thorpe, Central Europe correspondent for BBC News and the second by former BBC World Service correspondent Mátyás Sárközi. Sharif Horthy, grandson of the last Regent of Hungary and Vice Chair of the Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace kindly introduced the novel on both occasions sharing some fascinating insights relating to Hungary’s 20th Century history.

The Inflatable Buddha has just been made available again as a paperback and hardback from Armadillo Central’s shop. You can also buy it from your local bookstore. All digital formats can be purchased direct from this site or via online book retailers worldwide.Armadillo Central Inflatable Buddha launch 2

Read more about the book’s author, translator and the novel itself on our dedicated pages. You might also be interested in the reviews.

Photography © David Bache launch 1 / © Sylvia Selzer launch 2

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