Tim Walton self portrait

A Few Words from the Artist

We said he was multi-talented. On the eve of his solo show’s official opening Tim Walton sent us these lines, a few words from the artist.

“It looks like a poem – which it is certainly not. But that’s how I wrote it down.”

Tim Walton self portraitWe’re honoured to publish these few words from the artist:

I have never slept well.
With the night comes another world.
Awareness of responsibility, freedoms, will, power and fate.
Bad conscience and guilt.
The cruel revenge of thought.
The authoritarian punishment of knowledge.
Repressed, I turn inward against the nature of the animal.
Inhibited, thwarted aggression re-channeled into creativity.

Forcibly checked by society, I submit.
A twilight world of greater reality sustains me.
Self tyranny, the cruelty of the artist.
Contempt, contradiction and negation.
Such sinister and ghastly labour of love,
On behalf of a soul lost.
A soul so deeply mourned.

© Tim Walton 2014

Tim Walton Trees 1_nwmFind out more about the artist and the exhibition, which opened with a busy private viewing at The Petal Pusher in Kew, London.

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