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We have worked with a number of talented photographers over the years including the legendary Danny Clifford, David Montgomery, Simon Brown, James Merrell, Gemma Day, Julian Winslow and Patrick Barthès, to name just a few.

We collaborate with photographers on the presentation and curation of their websites and portfolios, as well as exhibitions, promotions and online media presence.

Contact us to organise product and lifestyle shoots, portraits, special commissions and fine art photography prints. We are happy to manage every aspect of your shoot from hiring the right photographer through to concept, location and styling with a view to creating an end result which achieves and surpasses your objectives.

If you run a gallery or other venue and would like to feature a photographic show, please contact us.

See our feature about some of Julian Winslow and Tatsuya Shirai’s projects with Zita Elze Flowers.

Featured photography: © Patrick Barthès

© Patrick Barthès DSCF1923_wm

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