Bazaar Art China Jan 2015 Zita Elze_w

Zita Elze

We’re delighted to be running the exceptionally talented Brazilian floral artist Zita Elze‘s creative communications including her blog and social media campaigns.

It’s been a pleasure working on some of her photo shoots with standout photographers. A recent collaboration for Harpers Bazaar Art China with James Merrell was a specially commissioned floral art piece entitled Flight (see below) photographed at the cascade, pool and oceanides statuary in the gardens of York House, Twickenham in December 2014. We also love Tatsuya Shirai and Julian Winslow’s work, which has been featured on our blog.

Bazaar Art China Jan 2015 Zita Elze_w

Find out more about Zita Elze, an award-winning floral artist, designer, teacher and design consultant. We recommend a detailed look at her living embroidery collection – ethereal gowns and accessories created using real flowers, berries and other plant materials.

You might also be interested in the Zita Elze Design Academy, London’s leading flower school.

Watch Zita create a spectacular flower wall for Fashion Parade London at the Saatchi Gallery in June 2015, with thanks to Adrian Stone at The Dreamcatchers for the video footage below and William Topley for the music.







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