Goldsmiths Hall, London

Silver Soft Living Things

Presenting a mini snapshot review of Goldsmiths’ Fair Week One headed by a title adapted from artist maker Hiroshi Suzuki’s evocative description of silver as “a soft living thing”.The Fair runs in London until tomorrow, Sunday 6 October. If you get a chance to go, be sure to see the showcases of work selected by Dr. Dora Thornton, Curator of the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection, entitled ‘The Nature of Silver’. Details of some of those inspired pieces are shown below.

All the works are drawn from Goldsmiths’ Halls rarely seen historic and contemporary silver collections: “These unique treasures share organic and natural origins and challenge viewers’ ideas of the creative potential of precious metal. At the same time, each piece presented a unique challenge to craftsmen to innovate and adapt techniques to realise the final designs. This extraordinary display of creativity and expert craftsmanship serves as a reminder of what is possible when inspired artisans employ traditional and modern techniques to achieve their visions.”

goldsmiths fair 2018 1 Sheila McDonald 2 Jane Short 3 4 Michael Lloyd 5 6 Jacqueline Steiger 7 Jocelyn Burton

1 Sheila McDonald, Shetland Bird Vase 2013, 2 Jane Short, Leopard-skin Print Beaker, 2006 3 & 4 Michael Lloyd, Beaker, 2006, Thorn Bowl, 1994, 5 and 6 Jacqueline Steiger, Global Warming Medal and Water Medal, 2009 7 Jocelyn Burton, Ocean Conservation Medal, c 1973

goldsmiths fair 2018 David Thomas

David Thomas, Boyd Nautilus Cup, 1968

goldsmiths fair Hiroshi Suzuki 2018-09-26 17.30.10

Hiroshi Suzuki, Seni Vase, 2018

goldsmiths fair 2018 Junko Mori

Junko Mori, Hedgerow Cups, 2017

goldsmiths fair 2018 16 Gerald Benney 17 Junko Mori 18 Nan Nan Liu 19 Heidi Hinder

16 Gerald Benney, Crustacean and Fish Brooches, 1957, 17 Junko Mori, Organism, 2005, 18 Nan Nan Liu, Oyster Box, 2012, 19 Heidi Hinder, Quiet Coastline Medal, 2011

I was working with Ingo Henn during my visit, so I only had time for a quick dash around the main show where a few artists and works caught my eye, see images below for details, including some professionally photographed pieces from Ingo’s stand.

Find out more about Goldsmiths’ Fair and the Goldsmiths’ Company collections.

Words and photography © Emma Boden except captioned images © Henn of London.