Bert Holländer was born in the Flemish region of Belgium. She qualified as a teacher at the Ecole Normale pour Instituteurs de Bruxelles and in Fine Arts at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers, where she specialised in Painting, Drawing and Ceramics.

Bert then worked as an artist and teacher in Belgium, before moving to Sâo Paulo, Brazil in the early Sixties. There she continued to develop her art, teach and exhibit, working mainly in ceramics. In 1964 she moved to the Côte d’Azur in France, taught at the Beaux Arts in Cannes and established a studio in Le Cannet, from where she still works.

Studies in engraving and etching techniques:

1980 – 82: Art Déco – Gravure de Nice (France)
1986: Gravure Iwan Verhulst (Belgium)
1991: Centre International de Recherche Graphique de Calella Barcelone (Spain)
1992: Beaux Arts U.P.1. de Paris (France)
Martin Ware, Hastings – Etching Workshop (England)

Exhibitions and Projects:

1958 – Zoo d’Anvers
1959 – Château de Schoten, Anvers
1961 – Salearte, Sâo Paulo
1962 – Salearte, Sâo Paulo
1963 – Salon d’Art Moderne, Sâo Paulo
1976 – Book Illustrations
1980 – Abbaye de Postel, Mol
1984 – UAP, Le Cannet
1992 – Salle Victor Raymond, Cannes; Printemps des Arts, Cannes, awarded Silver Medal (etchings)
Salle Saint Esprit, Valbonne
1996 – Direct Art, Nice; Salle Saint Esprit, Valbonne
1998 – Atelier 49, Vallauris
2000 – Atelier 49, Vallauris
2001 – Galerie Art 7, Nice; Atelier 49, Vallauris
2002 – Panier Fleuri, Cap Ferrat, Papiers Collés, Draguignan
2006 – Atelier Saint Sauveur, Le Cannet
2007 – Festival du Livre, Mouans Sartoux
2008 – Festival du Livre, Mouans Sartoux; Chapelle des Pénitents, Callian
2011 – l’Atelier , Le Cannet
2013 – Atelier 49, Vallauris
2014 – Expo collective, salle Philipe Gourdon, Le Cannet
2015 – Maison des Associations, Le Cannet

Bert continues to explore new engraving and etching techniques, with a recent focus on acid-free methods including the carborandum process.

A selection of her original works are available together with a small collection reproduced as fine art prints. Some are also available as cards. We also have a number of framed exhibition-ready originals available for sale, exhibition or hire. A few of Bert’s works, both prints and originals, are shown below. Please contact us for all enquiries.

Bert Hollander Araignee FAP4_wm, Armadillo Central, London

Araignée (Spider), 2007, Eau forte aquarelle,1 of 7, (136×185) overall 381×280 mm, Fabriano Artistico – original and fine art prints available




Bert Hollander Mere Et Fils FAP7_wm, Armadillo Central, London

Mère et Fils (Mother and Son), 2008, Aqua teinte rehaussable, Epreuve Artiste, Fabriano Artistico, approx (245×225) overall 380x280mm, originals and fine art prints available

Bert Hollander Bibliotheque FAP5_wmW, Armadillo Central, London

Bibliothèque (Book Shelf) 2002, Epreuve Essai II, Carborandum, Fabriano Ingres, approx (180×280) overall 267×357, originals and fine art prints available