“I’ve been a freelance photographer for about for about 13 years. I love the creative process.

Before I became a professional photographer I was a horticulturist. I was landscape creating, sort of bringing about new environments. I ended up photographing fragments of an environment and that turned into an exhibition and it rekindled my love of photography. That interest dates back to being a child, from when I was about 12 or 13 I think. The cost of everything made it hard to keep up as a child but with the advent of digital technology years later my interest re-blossomed. I don’t like to defer gratification so digital photography is great for me especially since I see it as a call and response thing. I can take an image and respond to that image and it’s as much about the bounce in that process that I really enjoy.

What I most enjoy about the commercial side of my work is that often I’m collaborating with people who are passionate about what they do, people who are creating beautiful things, have done interesting things and lived interesting lives. Both sides of my work, personal and commercial end up informing each other. Commercial jobs can be a problem solving exercise: how can I produce the result you want with the ingredients that I’ve been given? This is in reality a creative exercise which then becomes a game and it’s often in this spirit of play that the best results come about.

It then works the other way in that my personal work, for instance using long exposures and stretching moments, has now come through in commissioned works such as the latest film, Bunker.

Moving forward my personal exploration of time seems a constant, I follow its tributaries, they join, and things I thought were unrelated merge into an ever more singular process, moment on moment. The moment then becomes a place and a place becomes a time – but Einstein beat me to it of course!”

Julian Winslow, October 2017

Check back soon for new developments.

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