Nan Nan Liu

We are delighted to have helped Nan Nan Liu to script the ‘About’ section of her website, as well as continuing to advise on other PR and presentation matters on an ad-hoc basis.

Nan Nan’s silverware is both tactile and dynamic with a contemplative quality. Her creations breathe a life of their own, they are at once subtle and bold, reflecting her profound interest in natural forms and energies.    

Silver Hannukah by Nan Nan Liu, a commission for a private client

The sensory and evolutionary qualities of Nan Nan’s craftsmanship are paramount, interlaced with a continuous exploration and development of traditional silversmithing skills.

She identifies an early starting point in her creative development as a fascination with tree rings and their narrative depiction of growth and the passing years. She is equally drawn to water, in particular its unpredictability and multiple moods, from a seemingly still calmness to wild turbulence.  

Read and see more on the artist and silversmith’s website.